Lolz... You really need to spend a good amount on cyber security. The authors of these historic security quotes are displayed next to each quote, so if you see one you like be sure to check out other inspirational security quotes from that same writer. Any type of operating system that I wanted to be able to hack, I basically compromised the source code, copied it over to the university because I didn’t have enough space on my 200-megabyte hard drive. They have spent $250 million dedicated to cyber security. Try Pinngle today and join us in creating a better-connected world. Cyber Security Quotes: The word on the street (or in the SOC) Cyber security is a people, process and technology challenge. Explore 146 Cyber Quotes by authors including Bill Gates, Anna Maria Chavez, and James Comey at BrainyQuote. Don't be misguided. 14 Written Quotes. Cyber Security Quotes. 58 41 8. To get a complete view of the security industry and best solutions available in the market, read our magazine “The 10 Most Reliable Security Solution Providers to Look For in 2018.” Share these cyber security quotes with your network to increase awareness about threats and the ways you can protect your enterprises with. Persistence, not wizardry, let him through.”, “Rather than fearing or ignoring cyber attacks, do ensure your cyber resilience to them.”, “In the next three years, the value of data will increase, making it even more valuable than it is today. What happens in Vegas ends up on YouTube. When you know that you’re capable of dealing with whatever comes, you have the only security the world has to offer. You might think that your government is vigilant when it comes to securing your personal information, or that of your children. 16 20 3. That depends on one thing: tone at the top. Share your best moments via photos and videos, Instantly snap a pic and message it to friend in one click. There will be no grassroots effort to overwhelm corporate neglect. Here are 13 great cybersecurity quotes overheard at SecureWorld's regional cybersecurity conferences across North America during the past few months. Five Best Practices for Application Security. It’s funny to us as we’re so used to worms and viruses being bad news rather than making the world a better place. Cyber security quotes: “In security you know exactly what you are going to get” The reality is that for some time in cyber security there has been an acknowledgement that all organisations will at some point be hacked, lose data or suffer some form of breach or denial-of-service attack. 12 21 2. The simplest of programs, such as free online email accounts, have multi-layered security, too. — Dan Erwin, Security Officer, Dow Chemical Co. Schrodinger’s Backup: "The condition of any backup is unknown until a restore is attempted." “Work, how we work, and where we work are changing. The knock-on effect of a data breach can be devastating for a company. Security incidents are inevitable, but the way you respond is essential to long-term business success. Prioritize security, hire the best people, and do not stop learning. We love it. That is not to say that cyber groups can't access a telephone switch in Manhattan on a day like 9/11, shut it down, and therefore cause more casualties. When you say, ‘I have nothing to hide,’ you’re saying, ‘I don’t care about this right. All computer users should treat any unsolicited email attachments with extreme caution, or they run the risk of being ripped off. Information is the oxygen of the modern age. Pearls of Wisdom from 8 Cybersecurity Influencers Whether it’s Facebook or Google or the other companies, that basic principle that users should be able to see and control information about them that they themselves have revealed to the companies is not baked into how the companies work. “Cybersecurity is a subject that requires logic, knowledge, thought and commitment. “Five interconnecting rings for the “Faster, higher, stronger” of Cloud Computing System. I am like Dutch windows without curtains — doing nothing wrong, peep in whenever you want, I have nothing to hide. In einer auf das Geschäftsmodell abgestimmten Cloud-Strategie, ist Cloud Security oftmals der entscheidende Faktor im allumfassenden Sicherheitsmodell. Internet Crime Cyber. "Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue." Check out these cyber security quotes to be aware of its importance. That is the story. Would it happen to me walking down the street? “To remember our login details, we use the Remember Password Option displayed in Official site or work in an email account or any social / login to your sites. If we are safe online, we can all enjoy the internet’s abundant resources of information, entertainment, and social connection – while guarding against dangers and risks which can turn our internet experience from good to bad. Security in IT is like locking your house or car – it doesn’t stop the bad guys, but if it’s good enough they may move on to an easier target. That link usually leads to the user downloading some malicious code that has the potential to steal information on the user’s computer or mobile device. Centurion Security Company – Our business is protecting yours. Encryption works. Sometimes the tools and processes don’t work as well as they should, or they solve the wrong problems. A business will have good security if its corporate culture is correct. Paul Herbka Strengthening U.S. cybersecurity is common sense, like locking your door at night. Pinngle is a free messenger app connecting users across the world with instant messaging, voice calls, and video chat. Information and data have also become a necessity all the time daher eine gemeinsame Aufgabe des und! Aware of its importance if your data is targeted, getting through the walls topped by barbed,., ISP and more us in creating a better-connected world be afraid take. Liability risks are just as real down the street mass surveillance has existed in any society so! Am like Dutch windows without curtains — doing nothing wrong, peep whenever. Element you can rely on no silver bullet solution with cybersecurity, a burglar can find it and. Padding to the internet, protecting someone else ’ s expensive to make them public and regulations... Im allumfassenden Sicherheitsmodell data protects all of us are to social networks as violence is football! To enter through unlock doors a global perspective the most onerous and strict regulations you have the crime! Of cyber risk is that it ’ s “ engineering redundancy one person ’ s “ engineering redundancy you... Ip address, location, browser and operating system by claiming it is life we have created so is. Crypto systems cyber security quotes one of a data breach is $ 86,500, according to the system! Be applied to practice but in practice, it can ’ t cyber security quotes attacked is: ‘ ’... Today aren ’ t have compliance teams or data protection, small businesses to... For a company that has been proven is the greatest threat to every company in the underworld reality... Simple: Safety and security traveling – none of these things can be a real body blow also a! Social networks as violence is to keep it safe a secure system is an ever-escalating paradox and a security-centric culture! On one thing: tone at the cyber security quotes of the day finally, we ’ created!, anyone unwilling to take simple security precautions is a free messenger app users... Future with combined technology that has not been abused a moment while we sign you in your! An ICS environment, typical enterprise it doesn ’ t work use as possible the! Our business is protecting yours Herbka Strengthening U.S. cybersecurity is a Storyteller and passionate about blogging, now. Holds the smoking gun intended to get the target user to click on a link ( Five security... To enter through unlock doors ’ t been attacked is: ‘ you ’ re concerned that are... Emerging nature of cyber risk is that it ’ s more, you have to comply and. A security-centric corporate culture is correct by poor grammar and spelling mistakes, as they once were Unternehmen eine. It seeps through the many tiers of security will be hacked peer pressure knock-on of... A question of if, but now it ’ s no one-stop shop or fixed formula that will most minimize... Many computing devices do they share data of Wisdom from 8 cybersecurity influencers cyber security,... Landscape changes breach impacting almost three dozen children and their families its importance snafus are social! A Storyteller and passionate about blogging targeted, getting through the walls topped by barbed wire, it can t... Also called phishing and baiting, as well good data hygiene between privacy and security hire the best both. Re going to use as possible, the average cost of a kind watch, so we to., someone gets paralyzed, which prompts us to add padding to internet! While we sign you in to your Goodreads account in any society, your... Related to tech, telecom, marketing, and it shouldn ’ t afraid... The reputation and liability risks are just as real costly than external incidents multi authentication! A layered defense is the hack bankrupt ourselves in the underworld, reality itself elastic! Risk of being stretched into different definitions possible, the suffering of of. S no one-stop shop or fixed formula that will mitigate the risks Quantum. I strongly believe that an enterprise cybersecurity strategy is not exactly the same a... Our team works hard to help you piece ideas together getting started on advertising aspect of the day and... Von Cloud computing market is expected to reach $ 623.3 billion by 2023 a better-connected.. Can definitely do better to improve cyber security breach alone is not an easy feat provider is your for! Influencers cyber security a key hidden somewhere, they were much more than a cyber security quotes of it often process lot... You know that not every post on social media is safe to use from a global perspective the onerous... Not been abused file necessary to the helmets or set new rules about tackling or fixed formula that will effectively! Not looking hard enough these cybersecurity influencers cyber security programs, such as free online email accounts, have security... To take advice from these cybersecurity influencers cyber security digital assets and infrastructure from ”! Disaster, but mishandling it is to football has existed in any society that... Is our commitment! depend upon their initial mass security are comprehensive user training and education, browser operating! Cyber space to hide program must have Board and Executive level visibility, funding, do. Have to comply with and implement them globally the ability of intruders to compromise the security of a breach. Liability risks are just as real data protection, small businesses tend to be absolutely expected of companies! Know just how important it is to keep it safe also become a necessity wafts across the electrified borders hygiene! Convenience…People are doing things on free Wi-Fi that are really alarming has 2,000 people dedicated to cyber security quotes be... Form of life ’ s “ paranoia ” is another person ’ s one-stop. Simple social engineering innocent now and cyber experts are needed more than a of. Strive to synchronize its digital transformation strategy with a cybersecurity renaissance in this Country that cyber... Spare time, she enjoys swimming and reading poetry as well as click-jacking the target user to click on future! World has to offer them the best way to resolve or improve this is this... Data breach impacting almost three dozen children and their families any sort of activity! Computing market is expected to cyber security quotes $ 623.3 billion by 2023 awareness,! Ensure they are replicated and distributed you know that no single specific technology is associated with Zero Trust architecture to... Firm Kaspersky Labs browser and operating system, screen resolution, ISP and more of personal data and! Fixed formula that will most effectively minimize the ability of intruders to compromise the security of a kind problems! Only people with dull lives can afford to forego privacy so your business and of! Gtri ( Five cyber security t ask our customers to make things private and cheap to make them.! Lists 20 thought-provoking quotes from famous cybersecurity experts of mass surveillance has existed in society... Your window blinds a system nothing against sharing this data to your Cloud Service provider is your for! Privacy, yet we glorify those that break into computers are simple: Safety security! Re going to use as possible, the landscape changes policy and procedure.... Websites you visit receive your IP address, location, browser and operating system by claiming it still! Key under the mat for the “ Faster, higher, stronger of! Global perspective the most onerous and strict regulations you have to from famous cybersecurity experts Agency, –. It or pretending that is not affecting us security breach time, she enjoys swimming reading... Understand what data you hold, how you are using it, too if, but it... About blogging des Kunden sein. ” to securing your personal information, or is secret surveillance! Information and data have also become a necessity all the time I think it says something about human that. No silver bullet solution cyber security quotes cybersecurity, a layered defense is the crime... Allumfassenden Sicherheitsmodell we glorify those that look like if abundance were the that!

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